Expansive Touch for Tension and Anxiety Relief

A Hands-On Skill-Building Workshop

Most of us are experts at contracting our bodies and focusing our minds. While some contraction helps us achieve goals, excess contraction can get in the way of our receptivity.  It can be a challenge to let go of unnecessary contraction/focus. It’s no surprise that client complaints often center around being overly-contracted (e.g. tight musculature or anxious minds). Clients need help expanding.

We’ll practice a shiatsu treatment for hips and shoulders while keeping our awareness expansive and our body free from unnecessary contraction. In expanding our body and mind, we model for clients at the level of the nervous system what is possible for them. By maintaining a receptive, meditative awareness we will notice more quickly when and how our clients are responding to our work. Put them together and achieve quick, deeply integrative, and lasting results with ease.

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