Special Topics in Ethics: Private Practice in the Home

Whether you’re already practicing from your home, or considering it for the future (to cut down on overhead, travel time, etc.), this is a class for you!  Even if practicing from your home isn’t a viable option for you, you can still learn some great tips for firming up your boundaries and having a safer, more-satisfying practice.  This course offers an in-depth look at ethical dilemmas more specific to practicing in your own home.  Focus is on HOW and WHY certain aspects are more important, as well as WHAT you can do to proactively avoid difficulties. 

During this class you’ll:

*Experience a guided imagery meditation re ethics in a home practice
*Define and discuss boundaries, power differential, transference and countertransference
*Review and discuss formalized ethical guidelines specifically applicable to in-home practice
*List and discuss how and why specific behaviors create ethical safety for clients and practitioners
*Discuss how you can personally make changes to be more ethically effective

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Special Topics in Ethics: Private Practice in the Home - 3 CE hours : $60
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