Special Topics in Ethics: Framework and Structure

A 3-Hour Ethics Workshop

A MUST for beginning-level bodyworkers! For those already in practice: is your work sometimes causing you to feel drained and used by your clients? This is for you!

Basic structure and framework of your business practices, work space and sessions are indispensable for avoiding ethical misconduct — as well as effectively managing your bodywork practice. Exploring what’s important to you, then developing a solid plan to implement it can totally change your perspective toward your work and your clients by centering you, as well as eliminating that feeling of being taken advantage of.

During this class you’ll learn about and discuss:

  • What constitutes framework and structure in a bodywork practice
  • Transference and countertransference
  • Boundaries — how to effectively set and manage them
  • How framework and structure contribute to an ethical practice
  • “Red Flags” that signal possible future ethical misconduct

This is a highly experiential class and will hold your interest!


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Ethics: Framework and Structure : $60
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