Empathic Touch and The Embodied Mind

Regulating Emotion with Shiatsu Therapy


This class explores the intrinsic nature of emotion in our life process and the critical role it plays in health and disease. We will examine the energetic and psychosocial components of emotion as it relates to the creation of an authentic self.
By understanding the origin and manifestation of emotional resonance through the framework of the channel network, we can learn to regulate our emotional experience through the channel systems. We will investigate the role of the sinew, primary, and divergent channel systems in the experiencing, expression, and repression of emotion. 
We will also explore the nature of empathy and its essential role in safely restoring and deepening emotional resonance.  Cultivating empathic attunement through our touch promotes clearer energetic perception of the spontaneous patterning of ki working to restore our original nature.
We will practice the use of empathic touch with hara assessment and channel treatment to discern which part of the channel system will best support the individual’s emotional processing as it unfolds in the present moment.


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