Dying a Good Death

3 CEs

June 25

Friday, 2-5pm (In-person OR Zoom)

Taught by Polly Liontis

What can we offer our dying patient and their loved ones? 

Physical comfort through the application of gentle holding of Acupressure Points to induce deep rest and calm. 

Mental comfort through leading them through meditations for releasing and relaxing.

Psychological comfort through profound listening and the skillful inquiry of meaningful questions to help them verbalize their experience.

In this class, we will take deep inquiry into our own feelings about death, have practice time for role playing in inquiry, application of calming Acupressure Points, leading meditations, and reviewing multiple resources you can use in your own clinical practice. 

The following reading is strongly recommended to get the most from the class:

-       A Year to Live – Stephen Levine

-       Being Mortal – Atul Gwande

-       Final Gifts – Maggie Callanan & Patricia Kelley

Recommended Additional Reading:

-       Who dies?  - Stephen Levine

-       Into the Magic Shop – Dr. James Doty

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Dying a Good Death - 3 CEs : $75 Zoom
Dying a Good Death - 3 CEs : $75 In-Person
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