Deep Tissue Massage with Meridian Awareness

A Massage/Shiatsu Synthesis Workshop

This 12-hour training introduces the concept and application of addressing energetic pathways (Meridians) in the body through the use of deep tissue massage and shiatsu techniques.

Topics to be covered:

  •   Anatomical and energetic overviews of the areas to be covered
  •   Presentation of relevant meridians and their locations
  •   Presentation of specific deep tissue techniques addressing these particular pathways
  •   Discussion of the location of specific points (tsubos) on the meridians
  •   Tsubo location using bony landmarks and muscular references
  •   Tsubo function in relieving pain and restoring energetic balance
  •   Demonstrations and guided student exchanges


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Deep Tissue Massage with Meridian Awareness (12 CEs) : $240
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