Craniosacral Therapy Level Five

A 2-Day Mastery Class

Come and practice to deepen your skills! As you continue your explorations of connected touch, bring your questions and inquiries of the embodied flow of life under your hands.  We shall continue to cultivate and fine-tune aspects of tonal match, neutrality, and residing in the presence of the heart while applying gentle holds. In this level, we shall present some additional holds for your consideration to allow for greater unfolding of the body as love.

Level 5 training is open to all advanced students who have attended the Level 4 craniosacral retreat in the past. We are here to help you with dropping further into your inner space so that we each can better align to our whole body-felt sense. A coherent resonance then guides the sessions which promotes complete health and well-being--the unrestricted flow of life throughout the whole body.

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