Chinese Medicine : Diagnosis

A 12-hour course

4-week course

October 10-31

Sundays 5:30-8:30pm

Taught by Bridget Schrank

Zen Shiatsu grows out of the ancient intellectual traditions of Chinese Medicine, and the practice of acupuncture and herbalism.

In our 96-hour Chinese Medicine curriculum, we do an in-depth study of these traditions, to understand the place of Zen Shiatsu within the greater context of Chinese Medicine and learn to communicate fluently with other professionals in the field.

Chinese Medicine IV: Diagnosis introduces the four methods of diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, and deepens students' ability to do a differential diagnosis of patterns of imbalance.


Topics Include:

•  Pulse/Tongue Diagnosis
•  Visual Diagnosis
•  Questioning for Pattern Differentiation

This class is open only to students enrolled in our complete Shiatsu Certification Program.