Massage Chair Shiatsu Technique

A workshop for massage or shiatsu therapists

The use of a massage chair is invaluable for body workers as both a service and a marketing tool. Chair massage lends itself to informal settings such as grocery stores or office break rooms. The client is set-up to allow access to his/her yang side, providing a safe setting for those who would otherwise not receive touch therapy. More seasoned massage recipients appreciate a brief and productive therapy session. All clients get an opportunity to assess the skills of a potential new alternative care practitioner.

The shoulders, arms and hands, neck and back as well as hips, legs and feet can be accessed and treated in the shiatsu style. Because the chair stabilizes the client's entire spine with the arm free in all directions, shoulder and arm mobilization can be even more effective than on a table or mat.

This workshop is intended to help therapists find comfort and effectiveness in chair shiatsu work. We will cover practitioner-centering exercises to build supportive physical mechanics. Technique will focus on the use of forearms, elbows, knuckles, body weight and body positioning for maximum benefit and minimal impact on the therapist's hands.

About Christian:
I have been developing this approach to chair "shiatsu" since graduating from the Boston Shiatsu School in 1998. Over the years this combination of meridian pressure, joint mobilization and effective stretch positions has proven effective for all client complaints. Exposure to the public at a natural grocery store and walk-in chair massage service has been my single most powerful marketing tool. My Shiatsu practice is based in the table massage-saturated, athlete-laden city of Boulder, CO.

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