Building Your Practice Through Clinical Rapport: Internal Organ Issues

A One-Day Exploration

This aim of this course is to support each participant in reaching their income goals as a shiatsu therapist.  The exact course content will be negotiated with the group, to make sure it meets the needs of participants.  Initial class meetings will center on building skills in clinical rapport and case management: how do you set yourself and your clients up for clinical success?  How do you present yourself as the expert in the frequency and number of visits it takes to deliver results?  How do you do your best to deliver those results?

We will help students establish habits and resources for using mentorship with difficult cases and building professional referral relationships.  We will also review how to use the intake process to support the amplification of healthy functioning and the virtues associated with constitutional types.

Depending on student goals, the format might include some demonstration sessions by the instructor, or a few weeks of supervised clinic to practice the integration of all the skills from this class and the previous classes. 

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