Bodywork for Cancer Patients

A Two Day Course

Typically, there is some hesitation about treating clients with cancer. Yet, people suffering from this chronic illness can benefit immensely from receiving manual therapy. Becoming more comfortable with treating cancer clients can be quite simple. Mostly, it is vital to learn what people need and how to approach them in a positive and meaningful way. The therapist’s ability to convey empathy through touch rests at the center of a successful session. An informed, sensitive touch can be deeply comforting and reassuring to people who are questioning their hopes for the future.

Bodywork can help to settle a distressed autonomic nervous system, improve circulation and nerve conduction to the organs and tissues and ward off some of the side effects of cancer treatments. Since proper gut function often plays a vital role in maintaining one’s health, and because cancer treatments can affect the quality and frequency of peristalsis, it is important to give attention to the organs of digestion and elimination. We will explore all these applications in this practical, hands-on course.

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