Body, Space and Motion - Zenki Shiatsu and the Sinew Channel Dynamic

Our most basic sensations of space, mass, and motion are conducted through the sinew channel network, generating our perception of embodied life. The proper functioning of the sinew channels is critical to many aspects of health including freedom of movement, efficient posture, effective immune responses, regulating emotional stress, and the joy of self expression.

In the Zenki Shiatsu approach we use touch and imagination to alter the total dynamic of sensory-motor perception both within the tissue and off the body in the spatial sensory field.   This results in effortless change in the muscle tissue and a complete re-organization of the client’s perceived possibilites of motion.  

We will learn and practice:

How to use touch (on and off the body) to regulate the contraction and expansion of the spatial perceptual field.

How to cultivate changes in spatial imagination to elicit effortless release of sinew pain/restriction, and increased mobility and structural balancing.


The classical model of jing/qi/shen as a perceptual model of mass, motion, and space.   

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Body, Space and Motion (Oct 9-10, 14 hours) : $375
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