Body Mechanics and Optimal Conditioning for Floor Work

A 3-hour self-development class

Bodywork on the mat offers an impressive range of techniques and positions for working effectively and creatively with your clients. As a professional practice it presents the practitioner with certain demands that must be addressed if you wish to maintain a successful practice, free of injury over a bodywork career.  In this workshop, we will draw from Shiatsu, Thai, Qigong, Yoga, Hara Development and Aikido practices to give you a range of tools that you will find invaluable for your ongoing practice.  With a successful 30-year career as a mat-based bodywork therapist, Matthew Sweigart brings his in-depth experience and mastery to help you with the development and maintenance of your own practice. 

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Body Mechanics and Optimal Conditioning for Floor Work - 3 CEs : $60
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