Basic Herbalism for Bodyworkers

A 36-hour comprehensive course

How can herbs enhance the effectiveness of your bodywork practice? This 12-week course is designed to introduce massage therapists, Asian body therapy practitioners and bodyworkers to basic concepts in herbal medicine. Following classes on understanding the scope, legality, vehicles of administration and differentiation of herbs by action and energetics, common herbal support for seven body systems will be discussed. This class will focus on first-line herbal options that can be bought in health stores or the natural remedies section of supermarket; this convenience empowers your clients to take initiative surrounding their health while eliminating the need for advanced formulary knowledge or inventory maintenance and sales on the part of the practitioner.

A bodyworker’s intake may reveal that a client is taking herbal remedies for any number of complaints; or, clients may ask if bodyworkers can share any herbal suggestions for them. This class will help give bodyworkers a solid foundation in herbalism so that they can go beyond superficial hearsay to confidently and competently provide basic herbal guidance, recognize potential contraindications, and discern when to refer out to an experienced herbal practitioner.

After completing this class, you will be able to:

·      Choose the most suitable remedy from a hand-picked selection of well-known Western herbs, formulas and Chinese patent medicines for complaints commonly seen in the bodyworker’s clinic

·      Understand what form (tea, tincture, pill, etc.) of herbal medicine is best suited to effectively treat a condition and why

·      Recognize the common and Latin names of the most popular herbs on the market, understand their actions, and see through the hype surrounding them

·      Identify the best resources to check for traditional uses and current scientific research on herbs in the marketplace

·      Refine a section of your intake form and develop interview skills to obtain specific symptom information needed to determine the best herbal suggestions for the client

·      BONUS for shiatsu and other Asian body therapy practitioners with exposure to Traditional Chinese Medicine differential diagnosis and energetic concepts: handouts will provide extra tips and resources from a TCM perspective

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