Acupressure for ADHD

A one-weekend exploration

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a growing problem in the US. Nearly 10% of all school-aged boys are now diagnosed with ADHD! The Western medical treatment using amphetamine-like drugs often produces dangerous side-effects while not actually addressing the root causes of this problem. For this reason, many parents seek less harmful alternative medical protocols for their children who are labeled with ADHD.

In this 12-hour workshop, Justin Pomeroy will draw from his 36-year old practice and study of Chinese-Japanese medicine to address the ADHD problem. Students will review the understanding of the Chinese medical theory of the body-mind connection and the theory of the Five Elemental Phases to explain the possible root causes of the manifestations of ADHD: impairment of cognitive function, impulsivity, lack of patience and problems focusing. From this understanding, Justin will offer diagnostic and treatment strategies and demonstrate effective acupressure point-holding techniques geared to each individual pattern of disharmony. Students will define and discuss how safety, the healing relationship, the experience of wholeness, contact and non-violence are pivotal to this healing process.

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