Unlocking the Magical Core Part 1: Back, Neck, & Shoulders

A two-day workshop

There are occasional moments in some treatment sessions when something magical happens. Something unexpected and unexplainable will all-of-a-sudden whoosh through and wash away whatever stress has been keeping our client bound up. It happens not just under our hands, but deep in the person’s core. We’ve all experienced it, haven’t we? What if we could work in such a way as to increase the probability and frequency of this phenomenon? With the right combination of technique and varying of our own internal vibration, we can.

The trunk of the body - our magical core - is perfectly suited to help us strive towards this goal. In Part One, we’ll learn the basics of altering our own vibration at will. We’ll lengthen and widen the back in prone position, free up the neck and shoulders in side position, and further release the neck in supine position. This class involves facilitating subtle and precise structural releases while concentrating on specific energetic changes that we can embody ourselves and notice in our clients.

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Unlocking the Magical Core Part 1 - 12 CEs : $240
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