EFT: Relieve Daily Stress and Anxiety

3 CEs, Zoom

July 10, Saturday


Taught by Jeanne Steen

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as tapping, is a fast acting stress release technique that leverages acupressure and psychology for powerful results. Numerous clinical research trials attest to its efficacy.

It is simple, safe, portable, versatile and very effective.

In this workshop we will use tapping to diffuse everyday stress and anxiety so that you can calm your mind and think clearly regardless of the triggering events that are happening around you.

Many of us are living in a state of chronic stress which takes its toll on our bodies and our spirits. Tapping can help you quickly reset.

Students will leave class with daily tapping practices so that they can continue to attain the benefits available from this empowering technique.

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EFT- Relive Daily Stress & Anxiety : $75 (Zoom)
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