EFT: Clear Your Money Blocks with EFT Tapping

Do you you have a healthy relationship with money?

Love it or hate it, few people feel neutral about money. And many of us have hidden emotional beliefs that are subconsciously shaping our behavior, and often limiting our success.

If you feel stuck in a cycle of frustrating patterns that even your best intentions can't seem to break, this workshop will give you helpful clarity about what is really holding you back, and techniques to break through the patterns.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as tapping, is a fast acting stress release technique that leverages acupressure and psychology for powerful results. Numerous clinical research trials attest to its efficacy.

Students will leave class armed with tapping practices to support them on their path to financial wellness.

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Clear Your Money Blocks with EFT Tapping : $75
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