Essential Oils on Point

Aromapoint Part One

October 27, Wednesday

9am-12pm CST

Taught by Sara Vanin

Aromapoint Part 2

November 3, Wednesday

9am-12pm CST, (3 CEs Zoom)

Taught by Sara Vanin

Aromapoint Therapy (APT) is a innovative, gentle, completely safe and yet exceptionally effective hands- on method of treatment that harnesses the power of pure essential oils together with acupoints. Treatment involves placing particular oils on specific acupuncture points on the body in order to trigger energetic changes in the individual that will bring the client back to a state of balance. 

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AromaPoint 1 (Zoom, Oct 27) : $75
Aromapoint 2 (Zoom, Nov 3) : $75
Aromapoint Both Classes : $150
Aromapoint Part 1 : $75
Aromapoint Part 2 : $75
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