School Safety Protocols at Zen Shiatsu Chicago


1st Line - Temperature and Health Screening

All individuals on premises have a temp/health screening every day.  This screens out symptomatic individuals.


2nd Line - Mutual Mask Use & HEPA filters

The main danger in transmission from asymptomatic individuals is from exhaled viruses.  Mutual mask use is proving extraordinarily effective in preventing transmission.

To appreciate this, consider a helpful case study reported in Missouri.  140 individuals were worked on unknowingly by infected hair stylists.  Of the 140, zero contracted the virus, because mutual mask use was observed at the salon.  Hair work involves much closer invasion of the head/airspace than bodywork does, with the hairdresser literally breathing down on the person from above for the whole contact.  This case study dramatically illustrates the effectiveness of mutual mask use in managing airborne viruses.

In the event that virus particles escape the mask, there are 3 HEPA filters placed throughout the classroom, near every working pair, to draw any particles directly into the filter.


3rd Line - Social Distancing, Offsite Breaks and Managed Exits

Student workstations are spaced 10’ apart, so that pairs have no close exposure to one another.  The class limit is 12, which is 50% of usual capacity, with six working pairs.  During lecture, spaces are marked for chairs so that students are 6’ apart during lecture.

Each student has their own dedicated sheet that they receive on.  They will remove the sheet and wipe down the underlying vinyl surface, then their partner will set out their own dedicated sheet to receive on. Hand sanitizing happens before and after every hands-on encounter.

Students are asked to take lunch breaks offsite, as we prefer that no-one unmasks and eat in the space. Exceptions can be made in cases of prepared lunches and inclement weather, but in that case students are required to maintain social distance while eating.

Faculty will manage exits during the lunch break or end-of-class, letting students out three-at-a-time so that there is not congestion in the coat/shoe area.

4th Line - Surface Disinfection

We have procured soft washable vinyl layers that go over all futons, and have switched to vinyl bolsters. All surfaces can be easily disinfected at the end of class. Students are asked to help with disinfecting stations at the end of class.

Thus far, few or no cases of COVID-19 have been linked to surface transmission, but we’re maintaining this as an additional safety step.   


Student Agreements
All students at Zen Shiatsu Chicago sign a commitment to:
  • Maintain social distance from people outside their household
  • Wear masks in the event that they are in public indoor spaces or otherwise unable to maintain social distance
  • Notify us about any outreach from contact tracers about possible exposure
  • Seek testing about their COVID status when appropriate