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Timeframe: 14-20 months, 3-9 hours per week, evenings and weekends

Every student may set their own target graduation date and design a schedule that fits their desired courseload and schedule availability.    Contact an admissions adviser if you would like help with visualizing and customizing your own schedule.  We would be happy to give you a schedule that indicates which days of the week and times that you will be in class from day one until graduation.

All technique courses may be taken either as 10-week classes during a quarter, or as a 2-weekend intensive.  Opting for a 2-weekend intensive option will free up one night per week during that quarter.

Depending on the time of year you start, the optional Massage Diploma Adjunct Training would either add 3 months to your graduation date, or add to your courseload in the winter quarter.

Example Schedule: 18 months, 6 quarters

1st Quarter: 6 hrs/wk

Beginning Zen Shiatsu, Wed or Thu, 7-10pm
Chinese Medicine, Sun 5-8pm

2nd Quarter: 6 hrs/wk

Zen Shiatsu II, Wed or Thu, 7-10pm
Anatomy & Physiology, Mon 7-10pm

3rd Quarter: 9 hrs/wk

Zen Shiatsu III, Wed or Thu 7-10pm
Anatomy & Physiology, Mon 7-10pm
Chinese Medicine, Sun 5-8pm

4th Quarter: 9 hrs/wk

Student Clinic, Tue 6:30-10:00pm
Chinese Medicine, Sun 5-8pm
Anatomy and Physiology, Mon 7-10pm

5th Quarter: 3 hrs/wk

Zen Shiatsu IV, Wed or Thu 7-10pm

6th Quarter: 3 hrs/wk + intensive

Student Clinic, Tue 6:30-10:00
Advanced Zen Shiatsu, 2-weekend intensive

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