Terry Wohl


Terry Anne Wohl’s commitment is to support people to live the best life possible. She guides people to experience optimal health by helping them create balance, empowered beliefs, thinking, and actions in their lives.

Terry is a certified Mind-Body Vibrancy Coach, Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Hypnotherapist. She holds a Doctorate in Divinity from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

Terry is a keynote speaker, a workshop leader, and tele-seminar facilitator. For the past twenty-four years, she has been facilitating healing, well-being, and human potential oriented courses in Chicago, as well as in California, New York and Colorado.

Her extensive research since 1984 has afforded her the great honor to study, assist, and teach with some of the top leaders in the human potential industry such as Kam Yuen, Margot Anand, and Ethel Lombardi.  Terry has also studied with Gay and Katie Hendricks, Larry Crane, Stephen Wolinsky, Vernon Wolfe, Brugh Joy, and Ohashi.

She is an accomplished painter and has exhibited her work at the Aspen Art Museum and in galleries in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Terry is a contributing writer for whole life publications such as The Aspectarian and Unity Magazine and ABMP print magazine.  She is author of the books From Panic to Profit, Be Your Own Best Prophet, and One Breath at a Time.
She is author of the book, The Language of Healing for Bodyworkers (& Everyone Else). She currently offers online, tele-seminars and in person courses.