Beginning Zen Shiatsu

Learn to give a more detailed full-body treatment, and learn the locations and treatment methods for the twelve primary energy meridians of the body.

10-week course

June 22 - August 24

Thursdays 7-10pm

10-week course

June 22 - August 24

Thursdays 11am-2pm

2-weekend intensive

July 21-23 & 28-30

Fridays 7-10pm, Saturdays/Sundays 9am-4pm

10-week course

September 7 - November 9

Thursdays 7-10pm

This summer, we are offering a tremendous opportunity.  When your deposit for Beginning Zen Shiatsu is received by 6/15/17, you will receive a $100 discount plus a free 90-minute treatment with an instructor (a $145 value, $245 total!).

In this treatment, you will have a chance to discuss both life history and health history, to empower you to read the messages your body is telling you, put your physical and emotional experience in context, and give you some tools for promoting balance.

Combined with the information and training you will receive in the Beginning Zen Shiatsu class, this will be a truly life-changing experience.

You may apply this special to any of the 2017 Beginning Zen Shiatsu classes, but your tuition payment or 1/2 deposit must be received by 6/15/17.

  • Learn a complete one-hour shiatsu treatment that you can use immediately!
  • Learn the locations of the twelve primary energy meridians
  • Learn clinical associations for each meridian (benefits to organs, emotions, etc.)

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of the body? Would you like to understand how internal organ issues, dietary and emotional factors contribute to pain and dysfunction?  Would you like to use acupoints and meridians to target chronic pain, internal organ dysfunction and chronic emotional stress?

We offer a Beginning course in Zen Shiatsu that is completely accessible to people of all experience, age and body type. In the course of the class, you will learn how to give an effective full-body treatment, and how to improve your own well-being by giving Zen Shiatsu from a state of relaxation and meditation. Zen Shiatsu is entirely low-impact. In fact, your own health is sure to improve by giving this treatment.

On top of getting training, you will also be receiving bodywork in class! In every class, students have plenty of time for hands-on exchange. So for $500 you will be receiving bodywork at least 10 times in class, in addition to learning how to do it yourself!

In Beginning Zen Shiatsu, we impart the simple ability to be with another human being in a healing context. This class is open to anyone who wants to learn to share this beautiful skill with others.

"If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities; in the expert's mind there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki, Soto Zen Master

This class is a stand-alone learning experience, and also is the first 30 hours of our complete Shiatsu Certification Program.

One textbook is required for the class; Shiatsu: Theory and Practice by Carola Beresford-Cook. The  cost is $66.00, and it can be purchased from our bookstore in advance or on the first day of class.

To Register:

Beginning Zen Shiatsu Deposit (Summer Special, only until 6/15/17) : $200
Beginning Zen Shiatsu Full Tuition (Summer Special, only until 6/15/17)) : $400
Beginning Zen Shiatsu Repeat Tuition : $250
Books : $66.00 (available for pickup from our bookstore)
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