Zen Shiatsu II

Nature of the Meridians

10-week course

April 2 - June 4

Thursdays, 7-10pm

2-weekend intensive

June 12-14 & 19-21

Fridays 7-10pm, Saturdays/Sundays 9am-4pm

10-week course

June 23 - August 25

Tuesdays, 11am-2pm

At the core of Zen Shiatsu are the principles of Yin/Yang and the Five Phases of nature (Five Elements). Humans are a part of nature and subject to its laws. Five Phase theory elucidates the intricate interactions that guide all living systems, from the Earth as a whole to each individual human.

Through guided meditation, group interaction and Zen Shiatsu practice, Students arrive at a fundamental understanding of the Five Phase theory and the way in which it corresponds to the meridian network.

Students are also introduced to the system of diagnosis developed by Shizuto Masunaga, using the hara (abdomen) and back to reach an accurate diagnosis of the whole person.

By the end of this class, you will be able to create a basic case study, producing a diagnosis, documentation of treatment, and a future treatment plan. At this level, students begin to gain an appreciation for the scope of imbalances that Zen Shiatsu can address, and how it fits into the larger picture of health care.

This class is part of our complete Shiatsu Certification Program.

This stand-alone class is offered as Continuing Education for licensed professionals.  It provides 30 CE hours.

The required textbooks for the class are Shiatsu: Theory and Practice, by Carola Beresford-Cooke, and Wood Becomes Water by Gail Reichstein.

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