Public Demonstration - Shiatsu for Fears and Phobias

A Live Shiatsu Demonstration

Practitioners at Zen Shiatsu Chicago specialize in working with clients with autoimmune disorders, allergies, chronic infections like Lyme disease, post-traumatic pain and emotionally overwhelming states such as fear, anxiety and panic.  While giving relaxing hands-on shiatsu treatment, practitioners incorporate protocols to address symptoms related to these challenging disorders.

On Saturday October 13th, 5-7pm, clinic director Steve Rogne will perform a live treatment demonstration on a volunteer client with fear or phobia.  The public is invited to see the protocol, hear the client's feedback, and learn more about the long-term results clients have experienced.  This will also be an opportunity to meet all the therapists at Zen Shiatsu Chicago, and ask any questions about their experience working with any specific conditions.

This event is free, and will be held at Zen Shiatsu Chicago: 825 Chicago Ave in Evanston.  To register as an audience attendee, or as a potential demonstration recipient, contact Zen Shiatsu Chicago at 847-864-1130 or register online.

Read client testimonials and more at our Shiatsu for Chronic Conditions Page.


I was chosen for a shiatsu demo because of the reaction my body would have at the mere idea of being in an airplane: rapid heartrate, shortness of breath, tightening of the chest...  this phobia was caused by a very intense flight during a thunderstorm.

It's been over 15 years since that airplane ride.  That experience grounded me. It didn't keep me from traveling to beautiful places, but it did keep me from boarding an airplane since.

During that first shiatsu session, which lasted all of about 15 minutes, a mantra came to me: "The past is not the present. Each new experience deserves to be the opportunity to viewed with fresh eyes."I am certain that something has shifted in regard to my past fear of flying. Where I would normally begin to hyperventilate in the recounting of that old story, this time as I told the story to a friend, it was almost as if it had happened to someone else.

I returned for a one-hour followup session, and I recently booked a flight for my upcoming artist residency. I felt calm while setting my itinerary, and I feel excited about the idea of taking flight. I believe I can fly!

- Monica Brown

Steve Rogne adds: "I was very happy to hear about Monica's apparently quite substantial recovery from her fear of flying.  Phobias (even long-standing ones like this 15-year-long fear of flying) can often resolve in just 1-2 treatments, as it did with Monica.  Read Monica’s follow-up story of finally flying after 15 years at: I look forward to hearing more about how she enjoys her newfound freedom!  

Monica received shiatsu during a public demo, much like the ones we will be conducting on September 26th & October 13th, and had great results.  I hope that many people struggling with similarly powerful, life-altering fears will choose to attend, either as a demo model or just to observe."