Muscles and Meridians - Differentiating Between Them

A One-Day Hands-On Workshop

No matter what form of manual therapy we practice, our touch goes deeper than the skin level. We automatically contact, at the very least, both muscles and meridians. If we access them at the same place on our clients’ bodies, how do we distinguish between them? Can we alter our touch to address one, more than the other? If so, how do we choose when to do which?

This mini-workshop answers those questions by developing extra kinesthetic awareness and sensitivity in the practitioner. There will be some theoretical and anatomical attention to structural meridians and large muscle groups, but the main emphasis throughout the day will be on increasing the practitioner’s sensory skillset:

  • Body mechanics that increase receptivity to kinesthetic information

  • Ability to feel the difference between muscles and meridians by touch

  • Various techniques for addressing each 

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