Hara Cultivation - Seeing From the Hara

A One-Day Qi Cultivation & Practice Class

6 CEs

May 10

Monday, 9am-4pm (In-person OR Zoom)

Taught by Jeanne Phenany

The Going Deeper Class Series is designed to specifically meet the needs of advanced students, open only to graduates or advanced students of Zen Shiatsu Chicago or other Asian Bodywork Therapy schools. 

Hara is central to Zen Shiatsu.  Hara diagnosis sets the course of our treatment providing a window to our client’s present state.  Our ability to be present to our own hara magnifies the potency of healing. 

As Westerners, the concept of hara is not familiar to us.  How do we define hara?  What does it mean to move, see, drop your consciousness or eyes into hara?

Like a garden, when we tend and cultivate hara, we unearth and activate our untapped potential to grow in our ability to move, see and sense from hara. Developing a hara consciousness can be a gateway to providing a powerful space for transformation for both our clients and ourselves.  

This class will be an exploration of the depths of our own hara and how the hara is a powerful space for connecting outward and inward.  Through meditation, movement, play and partnered exercises we will consider many forms of hara cultivation.  

Hara = Sea, TH = rivers our connection from source to the outside (radar picking up frequencies) and fluids (our ability to perceive, pick up as well as to model back)

This course is developed from Jeanne’s 20 yrs shiatsu studies and qigong and tai chi practices  and her curiosity and desire to better know the hara and its vast healing potential.


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