Guasha and Tuina

Traditional Chinese Medical Modalities


June 12

Saturday, 10am-5pm (In-Person OR Zoom)

Taught by Ninetta Keenan


June 13

Sunday, 10am-5pm (In-Person OR Zoom)

Taught by Ninetta Keenan

Guasha and Tuina have been used for centuries for health maintenance and to treat pathologies. Gua Sha is a rubbing technique applied to the surface of the skin with a smooth tool resulting in drawing out stagnation and stimulating the connective tissues. Tui Na is a hands-on technique applying a vigorous push/pull action that stimulates the muscles and joints. 

Both work to mobilize Blood, Qi and Lymph inthe body, resolving chronic injuries and pain, and benefitting internal disorders. This class will review the benefits and different procedures for each modality as well as protocol for treating a variety of diseases from the common cold, muscle aches, digestive disorders, irregular menstruation, headaches to sports injuries. Students will have time for practical application so they may offer these modalities as a natural extension to their practice.

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Guasha - In-Person : $150
Guasha - Zoom : $150
Tuina - In-Person : $150
Tuina - Zoom : $150
Guasha and Tuina (12 CEs) Full Series - IN PERSON : $300
Guasha and Tuina (12 CEs) Full Series - ZOOM : $300
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