Finding Masunaga Extensions By Feel

10-week course

June 25 - August 27

Tuesdays, 2:30-5:30pm

Taught by WinterJade Forest

This class will proceed through the Masunaga Extensions.  The details of the extensions are often lost by graduates after graduation.  It’s very much worth re-connecting with these channels at a deeper level, because they provide access to some of the strongest transformation and re-shaping of the body through treatment of the torso and joints.

Skill-building will include: finding and treating all the Masunaga extensions with the same precise touch refined in the first module.  Additional time will be spent in refining Hara assessment and deepening your appreciation how the Hara assessment fits in to the structural therapy already practiced.

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Finding Masunaga Extensions and Integrating the Resonant Pair (Part 1 is prerequisite) : $480
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