Graduate Support Program

Refine and Strengthen Your Existing Skills

Finding Masunaga Extensions By Feel

June 26 - August 28

Tuesdays, 2:30-5:30pm

Taught by Winter Jade

Student Clinic 3

September 11 - November 13

Tuesdays, 2:30-5:30pm

Taught by Winter Jade

In 2018, Winter Jade will teach an ongoing series of courses for graduate support. 

The classes are designed to:
1. Support graduates in reviewing & strengthening their existing entry-level skills
2. Train past graduates in the new skills we've added to the program in the last two years
3. Provide guidance in the personal qi cultivation needed to do shiatsu at a high level
4. Give direct clinical supervision to help graduates put the principles in action

  • All classes will be taught by Winter Jade, our resident national treasure of shiatsu wisdom
  • There will be three separate classes, one in Spring, one in Summer, one in Fall.  
  • All hours count for CE credit for Illinois license renewals.
  • Each one is a 30-hour class, priced at $480. ($16 per hour!)
  • Additionally, if you commit to all three classes, there is a further price reduction to $1200, payable in nine monthly installments of $133.
  • Or, you can start an annual Student For Life subscription plan, in which you can take these and other advanced Zen Shiatsu classes for $79/month. (!!!)

Spring 2018: Finding Classical Channels by Feel - 30 hours
April 3 - June 12 (Skip April 24), Tuesdays 2:30-5:30
Do you sometimes wish you knew for sure if you are really on the meridian? Do you wish you felt secure enough in your hand’s sensitivity to trust that you found the point? Do you wish there was another way to learn meridian and point locations besides memorizing anatomical landmarks? Then let’s turn your wishes into reality!

We will review composing a treatment from the standpoint of how to comprehensively treat the whole body from the center out, bringing integration and healthy flow to all of the joints and fluid spaces of the body.

Skill-building will include: finding the most effective angles, recognizing when your touch has penetrated into the whole body, confidently finding and treating the whole channel between each point, not just "point-to-point'. 
Prerequisite: Beginning Zen Shiatsu

Summer 2018: Finding Masunaga Extensions by Feel - 30 hours
June 26 - August 28, Tuesdays 2:30-5:30
This class will proceed through the Masunaga Extensions.  The details of the extensions are often lost by graduates after graduation.  It’s very much worth re-connecting with these channels at a deeper level, because they provide access to some of the strongest transformation and re-shaping of the body through treatment of the torso and joints.

Skill-building will include: finding and treating all the Masunaga extensions with the same precise touch refined in the first module.  
Prerequisite: Zen Shiatsu III

Fall 2018: Student Clinic 3 - 30 hours
September 11 - November 13, Tuesdays 2:30-5:30
We will culminate the series with 30 hours of supervised student clinic, bringing all of your skills to bear in treatments supervised by Winter Jade.  Her precise attention to the energy of both the practitioner and client is amazing.  It’s really a joy to watch her at work in the clinic.  She will provide in-the-moment assistance with building a treatment plan and adapting techniques to the needs of each client.  By the end of this module, you will feel that you have truly applied and internalized all the techniques refined this year.  
Prerequisite: Advanced Zen Shiatsu

To subscribe to the Student For Life Plan, which includes these courses for $79/month, call our office or register online via MindBody here:

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Finding Masunaga Extensions and Integrating the Resonant Pair (Part 1 is prerequisite) : $480
Student Clinic 3 (Part 2 is prerequisite) : $480
All Three Classes : $1200
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