Cupping Part One - Basic Cupping for Health and Vitality

A One-Day Workshop


December 15, Tuesday

9am-4pm, In-PERSON OR ZOOM

Taught by Ninetta Keenan

Cupping Therapy has been used for centuries for health maintenance and to treat internal disorders.  Cupping creates a vacuum to draw out stagnation and toxins and mobilizes the blood, qi and lymph. This action allows the tissues to repair to address chronic injuries and pain, and restores healthy function to resolve internal disorders.  Students will learn a variety of cupping techniques addressing the common cold, muscle aches and pains, digestive disorders and irregular menstruation to name a few. This class is geared toward students who are new to cupping or need a refresher. Different types of pneumatic cups will be available for students to try.

Cupping Part One requires that students use their own set of glass cups. We carry custom-built 14-piece glass cupping sets not available from any other source. Regularly $124.94, these sets are $109.95 for students in Cupping classes. 

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Cupping Part One - Tuesday, Dec 15 IN PERSON : $150
Cupping Part One - Tuesday, Dec 15 ZOOM : $150
Glass Cup Set : $109.95
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