Chinese Herbs, Soaks and Strategies for Injury Recovery

A two-day practical seminar

Injury and pain are by far the most common complaints reported by patients to their health care providers.  Most of these patients find their lives impacted daily by discomfort and an inability to maintain a full range of activities.  Injury can affect anyone of any physical condition, from elite athletes with sprains, to office workers with repetitive stress injuries, to martial artists with cuts and bruises.  Eastern Medicine has an extensive history of helping injury heal faster and more completely by utilising herbal medicine, acupuncture points, and internal treatment strategies.

This class will look at injury and the recovery process from an Eastern Medicine physical and energetic perspective, including an exploration of the normal healing process, how to speed recovery, and possible approaches when healing doesn’t progress normally.  Eastern Medicine offers a variety of techniques that aid healing, from external herbal preparations and acupressure to nutritional strategies to assist at all stages of injury and recovery.  We will explore the rich offerings from Chinese herbal medicine to aid in the healing process by taking a look at some of the most commonly used topical herbs.  The class will delve into external herbal preparations for trauma, such as soaks, liniments, poultices, and ointments and also cover internal strategies using beneficial foods and acupressure to address patterns that impede healing.

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Chinese Herbs, Soaks and Strategies for Injury Recovery - 12 CEs : $240
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