Maximum Results with Minimum Effort: on Acupoints and Trigger Points

A One-Day Workshop

6 CEs

March 13

Wednesday, 9am-4pm

Taught by Sara Vanin

Many times we’ve heard massage therapists complaining about getting injured at their wrists or thumbs, or having to deal with clients who demand deep pressure on a specific point where, no matter how hard we press, pressure is never enough.

In this class, we will learn the right way to treat acupoints (tsubo) and trigger points, so as to provide a maximal effect with very little effort, conserving your energy while satisfying deep tissue junkies.  We will study proper hand and thumb position, angle of approach, and the location of many effective tsubos.

We will also compare and contrast the Western model of trigger points with the Eastern system of tsubos.  We will review some areas of overlap, and will show you how to use a shiatsu approach to increase the effectiveness of your trigger point therapy.

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