Professional Shiatsu Therapy
General Rate - $85/hr or $210 for three

Senior Therapist - $95 or $255 for three
Receive $10 off your first appointment
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Certified Shiatsu Practitioners and Instructors are available seven days a week for Zen Shiatsu treatments.  Come experience the grace and effectiveness of Zen Shiatsu for yourself!

Student Clinic
$35 or $90 for three

Advanced students perform sessions on the public under instructor supervision during our Tuesday evening Student Clinic. Appointments are required.



Massage Therapy

Professional Massage Therapy
$85/hr or $210 for three

Receive $10 off your first appointment

Our massage practitioners are trained in a diverse range of Contemporary Western Massage styles, including sports massage, deep tissue massage and others styles.


Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy

Receive $10 off your first appointment

Integrating acupuncture, herbal, and bodywork therapies, acupuncture is Spirit-based medicine that mobilizes the energetics of the body to prevent and treat disease.