Acupoints & Trigger Points Part One
Acupoints & Trigger Points Part Two
Acupressure for ADHD
Acupressure for Addiction and the Recovery of the Spirit
Acupressure for the Face, Hands and Feet
Advanced Practice Refinement
Becoming a Spritual Warrior and a Powerful Therapist
Beginning Zen Shiatsu
Body Mechanics and Optimal Conditioning for Floor Work
Body, Space and Motion - Zenki Shiatsu and the Sinew Channel Dynamic
Bodywork for Transformation and Awakening
Building a Practice Based on Your Deepest Driving Desire
Busting Taboos About Breast Cancer
Chinese Herbs, Soaks and Strategies for Injury Recovery
Chinese Herbs, Soaks, & Acupressure for Injury Recovery
Chinese Medicine : Fundamentals
Chinese Medicine Fundamentals
Clearing Your Energy Field
Craniosacral Therapy Level 3
Craniosacral Therapy Level Four Retreat
Craniosacral Therapy Level Three Retreat
Craniosacral Therapy: Level Two
Cupping - Silicone Cups for Injury and Fascia Remodeling
Cupping Part One - Basic Cupping for Health and Vitality
Cupping Part Two - Silicone Moving Cups
Deep Tissue Massage with Meridian Awareness
Distal Point Therapy
Do-It-Yourself Shiatsu
Eastern Perspectives on Nutrition
Embracing the Financial Side of Your Bodywork Business
Empathic Touch and The Embodied Mind
Essentials of Craniosacral Therapy
Ethics: Case Management and Treatment Planning
Ethics: Connection and Accountability
Ethics: Creating Grace
Ethics: Creating Steady Spaces for Transgender Clients
Ethics: Creating a Safe Space
Ethics: Developing a Supportive Referral Network
Ethics: Maintaining Grace
Ethics: Strengthening Your Ethical Intelligence
Ethics: The Laws of Nature
Expanding Receptivity to Energize Your Practice
Explore Your Chakras
Exploring the Meridian Medicine Wheel
Extraordinary Healing
Find Meridians and Points by Touch
Fire and Water: Meridians 12 Qigong Winter Retreat
Five-Phase Survival Guide to Practice Longevity
Fluidity During Transitions
Flying Heartmind Shiatsu
Flying Heartmind Shiatsu
Focus and Flow
Give Your Hands and Feet a Treat!
Guasha and Tuina
Hands-On Anatomy Refresher With a TCM Twist
Hara: Treating and Assessing the Abdomen
Healing Digestion with Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine
Healing the Joints - Extra Day
Healing the Joints - with Master Instructor Lindy Ferrigno
Healing the Joints Level Two - Extremeties
HeartMind Meridian Qigong
HeartMind Qi Cultivation
I've Got Your Back: Interpreting Back Disorders
Introduction to Shamanism
Kitchen Chair Shiatsu
Koshi Balancing
Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral Organ Manipulation Level One
Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral Organ Manipulation Level Two
Massage Chair Shiatsu Technique
Maximum Results with Minimum Effort: on Acupoints and Trigger Points
Meridians 12 - Qigong Teacher Training Level 1
Meridians 12 Qigong - "Going Inward" Retreat
Meridians 12 Summer Qigong Retreat
Multiple Points of Contact
ONLINE COURSE - Self-Shiatsu for Stress Relief
Oncology Massage: East and West
Personality of the Meridians
Petite Pearls of Practice - Self-Care Survival Techniques
Practitioner's Oasis: Mantra, Mudra, Meditation
Practitioner-Centered Chair Shiatsu
Pure Movement
Qigong From the Inside Out: Harmonizing the Mind
Qigong from the Outside In: Building the Physical Body
Reiki Level 1
Reiki Level 2
Reiki Level 3: Master Level Training
Seated Shiatsu: Enlivening the Spine from the Center Out
Seated Shiatsu: Treating the Channels, Energizing the Limbs
Self Care: The Deepest Relaxation of Your Life
Self-Care: Quiet Practices for the Burnt-Out Healthcare Practitioner
Self-Shiatsu for Chronic Illness
Self-Shiatsu for Stress Relief
Shamanism Level Two
Shiatsu 9-5: Techniques for Office-Related Complaints
Shiatsu Neck Techniques
Shiatsu Workshop and Spirituality Conversation
Shiatsu and Eastern Medicine for Women's Health
Shiatsu and Shamanism: Treatment of the Joints of the Extremities
Shiatsu and Structural Integration
Shiatsu for Asthma
Shiatsu for Chronic Pain
Shiatsu for Common Orthopedic Injuries
Shiatsu for End of Life Care
Shiatsu for Fears, Phobias, and Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
Shiatsu for Fertility
Shiatsu for Head, Neck, and Face
Shiatsu for Knee Injuries
Shiatsu for Labor and Postpartum Support
Shiatsu for Low Back Pain
Shiatsu for Office-Related Stress and Injury - Hips/Spine/Neck
Shiatsu for Office-Related Stress and Injury - Shoulder/Forearm/Wrist
Shiatsu for Physical Therapists
Shiatsu for Pregnancy
Shiatsu for Psychological Health
Shiatsu for the Ankles
Shiatsu for the Face and Jaw
Shiatsu for the Hip
Shiatsu for the Shoulder
Shiatsu for the Table - Prone
Shiatsu for the Table - Supine
Shiatsu for the Wrists
Shiatsu: Movement, Rhythm, and Flow
Shiatsu: Soft Tissue Applications
Shoshin Shiatsu
Six Levels of Yin and Yang in Bodywork Therapy
Sotai Therapy
Special Topics in Ethics: Framework and Structure
Special Topics in Ethics: Listening Skills
Special Topics in Ethics: Pitfalls of Dual Relationships
Special Topics in Ethics: Private Practice in the Home
Stretching the Emotions
Table Thai-Shiatsu
The Energy Field and Bodywork
The Language of Healing
The Language of Healing Part Two
The Mysterious Gate: Finding Refuge in the Passage of Grief
Treating the Body, Harmonizing the Soul
Yoga Shiatsu: Forms and Flows