Disclosures of Student Success Data A* B*
# of students already admitted in the course of instruction 21 0
Additions during the year due to:
New Starts 9
Re Enrollments 0 0
Transferred into the course of instruction from other courses of instruction 0 0
Total number admitted during reporting period 30 9
Of the course of instruction enrollment, the number of students who:
Completed or graduated from a course of instruction 19
Were still enrolled as of 6/30/16 10 0
Withdrew from the school 1 0
Transferred out of the course of instruction to another course of instruction 0 0
Of the # of graduates of the program, the number of graduates who:
Were placed in their field of study 18
Were placed in a related field 0
Were placed out of the field 0
Were not available for placement due to personal reasons 1 0
Were not employed 0 0
Number of students who took a licensing or certification exam 7 7
Number of students who passed said exams 7 7
Number of graduates who obtained employment in the field who did not use the school's placement assistance 14
The average starting annual salary for all school graduates employed during the reporting period $29,346/yr $29,346/yr
The average hourly earnings of school graduates $34.96/hr $34.96/hr
The average number of hours worked per week by school graduates 9/hrs wk. 9/hrs wk.

*  A = Asian Bodywork Program B = Massage Diploma Adjunct Training

Required disclosures for IL Board of Higher Education approval, for reporting period 7/1/15 - 6/30/16.

Zen Shiatsu Chicago is approved to operate by the IL Board of Higher Education, and is not accredited by any U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting body.